Current Regulatory requirements for registration of nutraceuticals in ASEAN

  • Pooja Chaudhari ROFEL Shri G.M Bilakhia College of Pharmacy
  • Jitendra Kumar Badjatya


Nutraceuticals are bioactive or natural chemical components that are been marketed all over the world. It claims to be disease preventing along with health promoting product with some of the medicinal properties. It is categorized as vitamin, mineral, animal product and health supplement. Nutraceuticals has the major advantage over the medicines as they avoid the adverse effects that are caused by drugs. Nutraceutical market is expanding day by day and the claim for the product is enlarging. Users are looking for alternatives for the prescribed medicines as well as the health product that will supplement dietary intake on daily basis. Different countries classified products into various categories depending upon their health claim. In Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) the Asian Alliance of Health Supplement Association (AAHSA) regulates the responsibilities to ensure that the nutraceuticals before marketing are safe.

Keywords: ASEAN, Asian Alliance of Health Supplement Association (AAHSA), nutraceuticals, health supplements


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