Regulatory perspective of Drug Repurposing: Methods, Regulatory pathways and Hurdles

  • Sonal Verma KB Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  • Khushboo Vaghela
  • Maitreyi Zaveri


Drug repurposing is a phenomenon that aims at utilising an established and approved drug product or drug substance for an additional clinical indication apart from the one that it was intended for. The reprofiling of drug formulations creates an extensive arsenal of therapeutic options for drug products, thus making the practice a desirable and forthcoming procedure. There are several techniques and methods that have been adopted over the years to evaluate the various possibilities for the repurposing of drugs in search of a wider range of chemical therapeutics.

The repurposing of drug products has provided, over the course of time several different advantages to the pharmaceutical industry, and yet remains an uncomprehended and over-looked procedure. The following paper attempts to identify the different benefits that are to be gained from the repurposing of drug products along with the approaches that have been used for the same. Additionally, the paper also discusses the regulatory perspective of drug repurposing, emphasising on the incentives that are available for various pharmaceutical sponsors as well the hurdles that are to be faced during the repurposing of a drug product or drug substance.

Keywords: Drug repurposing, Drug reprofiling, Repurposing approaches, Regulatory aspect of repurposing, Hurdles in repurposing


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